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Searching GPR set PicoR-Geo

Searching GPR set PicoR-Geo is included in portable search complex (GPR) Geopulse-1.

PicoR-Geo includes:
- antenna module PicoR AM1;
- signal processing software.

Geopulse-1 complex except PicoR-Geo set includes:
- portable 2 wheel truck;
- positioning module with odometer and GPS receiver;
- processing and visualization module based on the Tablet PC or laptop.

Complex purpose:
operative search of objects, communications, mines (including non-metallic) in the soil to a depth of 1-1.5 m.

Complex key benefits:
- scanning depth in the soil up to 1-1,5 m;
- scanning resolution (minimal object size) not less than 2-3 cm;
- rapid complex deployment (less than 3 min);
- user-friendly interface;
- real-time radargram visualization;
- the possibility of areal surveys;
- data format compatibility and post processing ability in other software (for example, RadExplorer);
- retrofitting abilities (including other antennas, for example with Antrad-6R) ;
- inner positioning and GPS modules;
- noise immunity and safety of activities;
- low power consumption and high autonomy (not less than 4 hrs with power supply from PC);
- complex weight is less than 5 kg.

Price: on request