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Multifunctional indicative module for GPR PicoR-2

Multifunctional indication module PicoR-2 performs the functions of generation, amplification, radiation, reception, analog-to-digital conversion and initial processing of ultrashort pulsed radio signals.

PicoR-2 is a key functional unit in following devices:
- Ice thickness measurement device PicoR-Ice;
- A device for movement detection behind obstacles PicoR-Bio;
- A device for road pavement inspection PicoR-Avtodor;
- GPR search complex PicoR-GEO.

Multifunctional indication module PicoR-2 has a center frequency approx. 1600 MHz and is a high frequency antenna module, able to scan up to 1 meter in asphalt / concrete / clay or up to 2 meters  in snow/ice with scanning accuracy 1-2 cm.
Main features and benefits of PicoR-2 comparing to previous model PicoR AM1:
- internal noise level  is significantly reduced;
- low power consumption via USB – ability to operate with long USB-cables up to 7 meters;
- data readout rate is significantly increased (up to 3-5 times);
-  waterproof and shockproof IP66 with built-in shock-absorbing materials;
- protected mini-USB connection interface
- carrying handle
- a variety of vehicle mounting options.
Technical characteristics:

Center frequency 1600 MHz
Pulse duration 600 ps
Pulse voltage amplitude 7 V
Pulse repetition frequency up to 100 MHz
Receiver sensitivity -80 dBm
Antenna pattern
- horizontal plane
- vertical plane
50-70 degrees
60-100 degrees
Scanning depth
- asphalt / concrete / clay
- Sand / dry soil
- snow / ice
up to 1 m
up to 1,5 m
up to 2 m
Accuracy 1-2 cm
Power consumption 1,35 W
USB voltage +5 V
Interface Protected mini-USB
Dimensions 410 х 270 х 68 мм
Weight 1,8 kg
Protection class IP66

The following photos show multifunctional indication module PicoR-2 usage in different devices.