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Snow thickness indicator PicoR-SNOW

A unique device, allowing to measure snow thickness in real time at any climate. Perfect for ski tracks and resorts. Case construction allows mounting on snowcats, snowmobiles and other winter equipment. Tests, conducted on Austria ski slopes demonstrate all the device abilities. The device significantly reduces time to identify snow thickness with a resolution up to 1-2 cm.

Field of application:

  • Ski slopes;
  • Ski tracks;
  • Meteorology monitoring;


Measured snow thickness: Up to 2 m
Measurement accuracy: Up to 1-2 cm
Battery life (powered by laptop): Up to 4 hours
FPS (depending on settings): 30
Maximum transport speed when mounted (car, atv, snowcat, hovercraft etc): Up to 40 km/h
Dimensions: 410 х 270 х 68 mm
Weight: 1,8 kg
Operating temperature (indication module): -40 ... +50 °С
Preparation to operation time: Less than 1 min

The snow thickness indication kit PicoR-SNOW includes:

  • Multifunctional indication module PicoR-2;
  • software;
  • watertight USB cable, 2 m.
  • watertight USB cable, 4,5 м;
  • USB-extender, 3 m;
  • sealed GPS-GLONASS module;
  • water and dust sealed IP67 protected case;
  • remote training via Skype;
  • report prepearement on conducted measurements by our GPR specialist


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