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Portable devices "Picor-ICE" live on TV channel "Russia-1"


April 4, 2012 broadcast television program "Morning" (channel "Russia-1") released a report on a portable device for the measurement of the thickness of the ice "Iceman" Pikor

This appliance is designed and supplied JSC "KBOR" EMERGENCY rescue teams to apply Moskvoskoj.

Efficiency in the use of new device enclosed in portability, reliability, speed, ease of use and accuracy of measurement. The report stressed that the use of this unique instrument to avoid drilling holes in the ice, and consequently reduce the passages of time and forces Inspector. Now, in the winter and spring, when the ice on the reservoirs opened, this issue becomes crucial.

According to the head of the Central Office of the MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS of Russia on PCI Moscow region Alexander Želudova, "when using a portable radar" Pikor-ice "would be sufficient to look at the screen in order to assess the situation and condition of ice ice, any error in the use of radar is minimal within 1-2 cm."

The radar consists of two modules: the radar unit and a tablet with special software. The principle of operation of the radar can be described as follows. The radar emits low-power carrier and generates radioizobraženie of reflected signals. Operator using radar scans the thickness of ice within a radius of 1-2 feet around himself. Compact dimensions and low weight of radar allow you to keep it in hand from the surface of the ice. On the radar screen in real time is radarogramma with the image borders section environments (snow, ice, water, soil) and the measured value of the thickness of the ice. Ice thickness parameters measured let you decide on the security of movement and stay on the surface of the ice.

Head of the expert-analytical center of OJSC "KBOR" Gregory Seregin notes that the use of radar on it displays 2 numeric parameters: height meter above the surface and thickness of ice. In addition to the radarogramme you can see the structure of ice during the spring melting (snow, icy crust layer of water, ice, water).

Director General of JSC KBOR "Simakov V.v. sure tests together with representatives of the MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS of the Moscow region and PCI AGPS EMERCOM of Russia confirmed the effectiveness of the appliance to ensure safety in the movement of people and vehicles across the surface of the icy water and ice crossings. "Device can save lives and effectively used at more than 1200 links, winter ice roads cut by icy surfaces of rivers, in the various sporting activities and to monitor zones of mass classes winter fishing on the boundless expanses of the homeland," concludes V.v. Simakov.