/ News / JSC "Design Bureau of Experimental Works" (KBOR) start sale "Pikor-LED"

JSC "Design Bureau of Experimental Works" (KBOR) start sale "Pikor-LED"

Portable radar "Pikor-ice has no analogues in Russia and provides the following features and benefits:

non-contact speed measurement of the thickness of ice in real time, keeping the radar in his hands, or with a snowmobile or car;

measurements both in point and traffic while building the profile of the ice sheet along the route of movement of persons and transport;

ice thickness measured up to 2 m with accuracy of up to 1 cm;

long battery life;

lightness, portability, reliability, easy to use.

According to the Director of the Division of preventive and technogenic safety based on the super wide-band technology JSC "KBOR" Zerkalâ a.d., the principle of operation of the device is based on the radiation of short carrier pulses each low-power and formation of radioizobraženiâ from the reflected signals. By using the software you can measure the value of the thickness of the ice point or on the route of the coordinate and analyse the structure of ice.

As the General Director of JSC "KBOR» Simakov, Vladimir, tests, together with representatives of the MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS of the Moscow region and PCI AGPS EMERCOM of Russia confirmed the effectiveness of the appliance to ensure safety in the movement of people and vehicles across the surface of the icy water and ice crossings.