/ Vlog / Ice meter Pikor-Ice on NTV in the television show "The Miracle of Technique", heading "The Miser of the Week"

Ice meter Pikor-Ice on NTV in the television show "The Miracle of Technique", heading "The Miser of the Week"

Category "The Miser of the Week"
Roads in many places in Russia appear only after the ice rises. For example, here is an autoshop on the Lena River in Yakutsk. Before opening the movement, specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Measures measure the thickness of the ice. Traditionally, this is done manually: with the help of a drill and a long ruler. The holes are drilled every 50 meters - and sometimes hundreds of holes are required on the track!

Simplify all this is designed to develop Russian scientists - a device called a lemon. It was created almost 6 years ago, but the real implementation began after Yuri Uvarov, an economist by education and an experienced leader in the field of information technologies, took over the business.
The device operates according to the principle of a georadar: the antenna emits radio pulses and receives a signal reflected from the media interfaces. Automation processes it and determines the thickness of the ice. The results are displayed on a tablet or laptop screen. The ice maker lets you see the cracks.

You can also install the ice machine on an air-cushion ship. Currently, around 100 such devices are used in different regions of Russia - they are in service with the Ministry of Emergencies and oil companies. And in this undoubted merit is not only those who invented, but also those who in time made out the potential and how to promote it. Yuri Uvarov is our master of the week.

Thank you for your help in preparing the story:

- MBU "Emergency Rescue Service of "Khimspas" for the opportunity to shoot excellent shots on a frozen pond. For care and attention during the filming process. And, of course, for an exciting trip on special hovercrafts

- The press service of Yakutsk for organizing the filming in Yakutsk and for not allowing our film crew to freeze during the long work in the frost

- PKU Center of GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Yakutia for their help in organizing and conducting the filming

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