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Participation in "Interpolitex 2012" exhibition

On October 23-26th 2012 JSC KBOR together with our partner FSG Ecology company participated in the XVI International Exhibition of State Security "Interpolitech 2012". Among a variety of devices and other products, new products Scout 3M (a device for movement detection behind walls, rubble and other obstacles) and portable searching GPR Geopulse-1 were presented.

Key benefits of the Scout 3M device:
- Reliable detection of people, hidden behind the walls of any standard building materials;
- Separate detection of objects in vicinity of each other (at a distance of 0.5 m);
- Simultaneous detection of moving and stationary objects;
- A user-friendly interface that provides extensive control options and an intuitive sensor radarogramm interpretation;
- The ability to operate with and without a separation from the wall;
- Secrecy, immunity to stray and safety of operation;
- The maximum object detection range - 20 m with the absence of the "dead zone";
- The cost of the product is several times lower than market analogues.

Key benefits of the portable searching GPR Geopulse-1:
- Rapid GPR deployment;
- User-friendly interface;
- Real time radarogramm visualization;
- The possibility of areal scanning;
- Compatibility of data formats and the possibility of post-processing in different professional software;
- Wide range of retrofit;
- Interference immunity and safety activities;
- Low power consumption;
- Weight is less than 5 kg.

These devices have attracted interest of many participants and visitors. Scout 3M device can perform a different tasks in field of security and detection of criminals activities behind obstacles in the interest of law enforcement agencies and commercial security services. It also has a significant competitive advantage over similar products on the market. Some arrangements were made with the Interior Ministry and other structures to conduct device testing.
Portable searching GPR Geopulse-1 can be used for efficient search of buried objects, mines (including non-metallic) in the ground up to 1 meter depth and more.