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Ice thickness indicator PicoR-ICE

Control and indication device PicoR ICE (2014 model)  is designed for contactless ice thickness and structure either while moving on a vehicle or standing on the ground, and also for ice cover profile monitoring along people or transportation routes on winter roads or ice crossings.

A  unique signal processing software SKI-Ice allows to automatically calculate the difference between the boundaries of the mediums air-ice-water and determine the thickness of a monolithic ice using radargramme.

The PicoR-ICE 2M ice thickness indicator has been tested on several search-and-rescue stations EMERCOM of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as on the ice crossing in the village of Vanavara of the Krasnoyarsk region. Government certificates were received.

PicoR-ICE 2M ice thickness indicator has been tested on several EMERCOM search and rescue stations of Moscow and Moscow region, on the basis of an exploration party on the Yamal Peninsula, in the companies of the fuel and energy complex (TNK-BP). In the winter of 2012-2013 the device was commercially sold to the companies responsible for organizing and operating of ice crossings, such as the ice crossing in the village of Vanavara of the Krasnoyarsk region. Also the device used as the scientific equipment in the high-sea expedition "Arctic-2012" organized by AARI Hydromet.

There were received Certificate of Conformity and Expert opinion on the compliance to Uniform sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods which confirms its absolute safety for the user.


Measured ice thickness: up to 2 m
Measurement accuracy: 5%
Battery life: 4 hours
Dimensions: 410 x 270 x 68  mm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Preparation to operation time: 1 min
Country of production: Russia
Certification: yes

Advantages of ice thickness meter:

Contactless ice thickness and structure measurement in real-time, either holding it handheld or mounted on a vehicle- ATV, snowmobile, hovercraft;

- can be operated either being handheld at point or in movement while creating ice profile along routes, all of this can be accompanied by profiling data on the map via GPS/GLONASS;

- lightweight, portable, reliable and easy to use;

- ability to record measurements for further analysis.

Field of application:

-movement safety control on frozen water and ice crossings for Emergency Ministry,Federal Road Agency, search and rescue services, energy, construction , services and other fields.

-ecology and environmental protection, ice jams and hanging ice dams, ice profiling.

-ice fishing and safety improvements.

Unique signal processing software SKI ice allows to automatically determine ice, water and air borders and to determine monolithic ice thickness.

Ice thickness measuring device PicoR ICE has been tested on several Emergency Ministry test sites in Moscow and Moscow region; on rescue stations in Yamal on British Petroleum – TNK energy complexes. During 2012-2013 winter season device was supplied to ice crossing owners and organizations, for example Warnawa town on Krasnoyarsk region. Device was also used as a part of scientific equipment during high-altitude “Arctic 2012” expedition, organized by AARI Roshydromet.

We have received a GOST R certification and Expertise certificate confirming sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements, which confirms absolute safety for users.

Currently our previous model PicoR-2M is discontinued. The new model of PicoR ICE uses a multi-indicator module PicoR-2, which has an ability to attach measurement data to navigation systems GPS/GLONASS, mounted on transportation vehicles or on device operator body, as well as some bug fixes .

Operation principle:

The operator using the device can determine ice thickness within 1-2m around, holding the device at an altitude of 1m, ice without surface contact. Compact size and lightweight allows to hold the device in hands, slowly moving across the surface of the ice. On the laptop a real-time radargram shows the boundaries of snow, water, ice and soil and the device height above the ice surface.

The device determines monolithic ice thickness best of all (for example on ice crossings).In case of loose ice additional well drilling might be necessary.

When the device is mounted on a snowmobile ATV or hovercraft laptop is held by either a driver or an expeditor. Certain parameters of ice structure can help make decisions of movement savety. It is also possible to make a map profile of ice and mark necessary spots via GPS/Glonass.

PicoR-2 can be used with any computer – tablet PC, laptop or others running Windows OS. You just need to install special software SKI ICE, which was specially designed for PCs and has ehcnahced features and functionality.

The measurement results can be recorded for further analysis. There are many different types of ice depending on the environmental conditions and so on, so the device may require calibration for a particular ice type. In this case the customer must send us a signal recording and ice characteristics obtained with ice drill and ruler, so that technical support can send the customer a specific firmware.


Default PicoR-ICE package includes:

  • Ice thickness indication device PicoR-2;
  • MRS-SKI ICE software;
  • USB- cable with waterproof connector (2m);
  • In this case customer uses a computer for signal processing and imaging.

Full package includes:

  • Ice thickness indication device PicoR-2;
  • MRS-SKI ICE software;
  • USB-cable with waterproof connector, 2 m
  • USB-cable with waterproof connector, 4.5 m;
  • USB-extension cable, 3 m;
  • stationary signal processing MRS-SKI-PC;
  • mountable Pikor-2 vehicle hitch;
  • Laptop mount for operator body;
  • Navigation GPS-GLONASS receiver in protective case;
  • laptop with service installation and configuration of field and steady-state software;
  • shockproof dust and water tight IP67 protection class case;
  • service training via Skype;
  • services for reports preparation on measurements by a qualified geophysicist on the basis of records made by the device.
  • When ordering, you can select any of the options from the list of the complete set of instrument.
  • In addition, in consultation with the customer device can be equipped with tablet computer in a secure and frost-resistant case.

Also available in-car charger +12 V.


Price: on demand